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tribex vs. zma

would tribex or zma be better for me to take? i’d like to up my T levels a bit, to the high-normal range at least while i lift for next summer’s running, racing season. i’m a middle distance runner looking to add a bit more muscle this winter. 5’10", 145lbs, 6%bf. thanks.

Why not take both together? Check out an article on t-mag called “The Andro Wars.”

Zinc is neccessary for the production of testosterone, Tribex stimulates or simulates Lutenizing hormone which increases T production. ZMA will not in of itself have a significant impact on T production (unless you are deficient in zinc but then it will only bring it back to normal). Take both and add M as an anti-aromitase and/or chrysin CREAM, the oral versions of chrysin are worthless. Anytime you increase T you have to control what happpens to it. Eating 6+ times a day may free up circulating T.

How old are you? Older than 35 or so, I’d say Tribex. Under 25, ZMA. In between…get a better job so you can take both!