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Tribex Vs. Red Kat

Hey guys
As the subject reads, i was wondering peoples opinion on Red Kat or Tribex. I have cycled Tribex twice before and have had good results of increase awareness, muscle gains, fat loss. For that reason i have strayed away from Red Kat, but i was wondering Red Kat will also give me these results or even better ones?

I like Tribex, but I get even better results with Red Kat.

The funny thing with Red Kat is that I get better results when I use the minimum recommended dosage. Whenever I’ve increased from this, the effect isn’t as strong.

Using both will lead to a 1+1=3 effect. Tribex increases tstosterone production while Red Kat lowers SHBG, making it possible for more of the test produced because of tribex to become free or unbound testosterone, which is the active variation of the hromone.

I have been taking Hot Rox with Red Kat while cutting. I am very pleased with the results.

Big difference with Red KAtt over Tribex. Also will second the opinion of using Red Kat and Hot Rox to cut. Works great!

ok so the overall choice is to take Red Kat, I am understand…

which of the three if any are legal in canada?? (hot rox, red kat, tribex)

if you dont mind, what dosages of each have you found to be optimal for cutting. I’m about to hit a major cut phase and was about to decide on soley using hot rox, but if the red kat jumps up the results so much, ill go back to the drawing board for sure.

Tribex makes you more agressive than Red-Kat, but Red-Kat makes you more horny than Tribex, in my experience. Tribex is better for gym time. Red-Kat makes you walk around with a big ole boner all day.

Like CT said they both work in different ways so if you can afford both take them at the same time to get great benefits. Has anyone tried Hot Rox with Red Kat & Tribex???

Yeah, I take tribex (3 pills 2Xday) and Red Kat (1 pill 2Xday) for a five days on 2 days off schedule. I think they work great together. I’m aggressive and horny - yahoo!!! I’m also cutting now so I’m taking HOT-ROX as well. I feel pretty good considering I’m on T-Dawg 2.0. I recommend the stack.

Any effects on skin complexion with either of them?

Twisted Local,

Tribex and Hot Rox are for sure legal, and CT responded in the “Red Kat in Canada” thread:

“So far all my Red Kat bottles have gone through despite my packages being searched by customs numerous times.”

Hot Rox – Pacific Nutrition / SND Canada
Tribex – SND Canada has the new size (110 capsules)
Red Kat – Heavyweights.net

Have fun!

It depends how much you take. When I was taking maximum Tribex dosages I was breaking out in zits on my arms.

When you first go on Tribex, I find my skin gets really oily. I get some pimples again really easily.

The other thing is that you will sweat more than you usually do. I find that is what happens to me anyways.

But man, you feel good. Aware, lots of energy, horny, feelings of taking on the world, etc.

I enjoy it. I am unaware of the long term effects of taking it. It really isn’t that expensive, so I can justify being on it. I am just wondering what the effects of this will be.

As far as using it for cutting, I have stopped the bulk phase and am resting until Monday when I start do a couple of weeks of maintenance. I have begun to taper my calories slowly, while maintaining my Tribex intake. I have been sitting around just relaxing and not doing any physical activity. I can already notice that some of the fat I gained is diminshing. In the mid section especially. I can see the abs coming in and the pants are feeling looser aroudn the waist again. It’s so weird, that my body is reducing fat while I am really doing nothing, but adjusting diet. I believe the levels of Testosterone are key to fat loss, for me anyways.


Hot Rox - Two pills twice a day - Seven days a week.

Red Kat - Two pills twice a day- Monday thru Friday.

First dosage before breakfast and the second dose about 5 PM before I lift.

I have to say I am ‘happier’ or ‘more pleasant’ on this stack versus Hot Rox alone.

No trouble with complexion.

Any of you guys have problems with sleep while using either Tribex and/or Red Kat? If so, was it only when you first started taking them, then the problem went away? Or was it persistent?

This is being asked by someone who’s taken neither and is concerned about insomnia. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

How old were you guys when you first started using tribex or red kat?

Interesting, I’ll try the RK/Tribex combo soon and report back.

Red Kat and Hot-Rox are available on-line in Canada from supplementscanada. I picked up my Grow!, Tribex and the above from them this morning.