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Tribex + Vitex ? for Bill Roberts

 What would be a good amount of Tribex and Vitex for during, or after a cycle?  Would this work as good as clomid?  I've seached for the answer on here, with no luck.  Thank-you.

Label dose of Tribex plus one capsule
per day of Solaray Vitex (not the extract)
or equivalent.

It’s hard to say what’s equivalent. If
readers can post what brands and amounts
have worked for them, that would probably
be helpful for those who can’t get the
Solaray brand or who would prefer another
brand for some reason.

What is the problem with the Solaray extract? I’ve already bought a bottle of it, and have been taking 2 caps stacked with Tribex. Anyone know why Bill keeps specifying NOT the extract?

Brock Strasser, in previous posts re: Vitex recommended using the Solaray extract. This is what he used himself. I am also curious why Bill Roberts is stating NOT to use the extract.

Vitex is standardized for agnuside. Bill Roberts stated that this is not the active component and that the extraction process can actually lower levels of the active component. However, Brock Stasser did report substantially increased T levels using the Solaray extract.

I wasn’t aware that Brock had used
the extract. I’d thought he used just
the regular capsules.

When one knows that the raw herb provides
the desired result, and that the extraction
and standardization method is NOT including
all of the active ingredients, then the
extract may in fact be lacking or weak in
some of the active ingredients present in
the whole herb. Hence my advice, especially
since a couple of people had mentioned NOT
getting good results with extracts. However,
those could have been flukes I suppose.

I too thought that Brock had used one (regular) Solaray vitex cap daily. It seems to me that Brock would have specified if he was indeed using the Solaray extract, and I honestly can’t remember him ever mentioning that it was the extract that he took. Complicating this is the fact that Solaray makes two vitex products (one regular, and the other-you guessed it-a chaste berry extract). What gives?

I think Brock said he used the 250 mg caps from solaray. Which is the extracted and the regular comes in 400 mg.

Any ideas?

I found this in the forum archives. The archives only go back so far so I couldn’t find the direct statement from Brock about using the Solaray extract. I am certain that he used the extract…I printed copies of his posts on Vitex but they are at home. If anyone wants me to I can re-type some of them here.

Also, I found a post where Brock says he will no longer commnet on Vitex until “M” comes out.

Brock Strasser 2001-08-17 16:38:22
And another thing, the amount of ecdysteroids found naturally in Vitex is in the fractions of a percentile…they are not the effective constituent of Vitex…the agnuside content is what makes Vitex. - Brock

I disagree. I distinctly remember him saying that he used one 400mg tablet of Solaray a day. It is possible he confused his language and in essence us…I am surprised that he has not replied himself! I wonder why…

In personal correspondence Brock had
said to me that he was using, and I should
use, 400 mg/day of the Solaray product,
so that would be the herb not the extract.

I don’t know where I’ve been on the Vitex issue, somehow it slipped below my radar, as I’ve been POURING over T-mag since issue #2. Now I’m fascinated. Here’s the least expensive place I’ve found for Vitex, which I intend to purchase TOMORROW…
http://www.totaldiscountvitamins.com/Merchant/slry.htm. And here’s the product description, brief though it is:
Solaray/cat#/SLRY-1645/Vitex/100ctCapsule/400 mg/(SO)/SRP/$6.99/Save 35% - TH Price - $4.54.
I look forward to trying it. If this does NOT appear to be what we need. Please let me know. Thanks for the info Bill, I look forward to hearing more of your experience and advice with this product.

Yes, that is the unofficially recommended brand/product. I ordered some last week and am starting today. Good luck.