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Tribex Timing(effect sleep)

I have decided to give tribex a try over the next couple of months. First, Since I am on a budget I will be taking 6 caps a day on training days(4 times per week) and 3 caps a day on of days (1 time per week) for a 5 on 2 off cycle. Any problems?

Second does tribex effect sleeping patterns whatsoever. I wake around 7 plan on taking my first dose and 12 hours later is 7 pm and I do not want the second dose effecting my sleep habits. Thanks in advance

i have taken a few cycles worth of tribex and have never experienced any sleep side effects.i take 8 a day currently and i take four when i wake up and four sometime mid evening.i try to find a point during the day that i have an empty stomach and thats not too often when you have to get your protein supplements,food etc taken care of too.on occasion i have also taken it directly at bedtime for one reason or another.if anything,i slept better!!good luck

I took tribex, but had two problems with it. First I started to break out on my face ( I have oily skin to begin with.) Also I did not sleep well at all on it. But on a positive note I got stronger using it.

I have been taking Tribex for about a month now in conjunction with M. I started by taking 3 in the evening only, 5 on 2 off. I broke out a tad on my face but didn’t notice much. So I increased my dosage to the recommended amount (3 twice a day) and noticed it more. I still have to fight the breakouts, but it isn’t to bad. As for affecting my sleep, it didn’t affect it at all.

Why are you going to take more on training days and less on off days? Why not just take the same amount every day?

ChrisZ - about 6 weeks ago I was on a Tribex/M stack and didn’t experience any sleep related side affects. I took 3 in am and 3 in pm. I did how every put on about 10 lbs but the great thing is my clothes still fit me better then before the stack. I am now on a Methoxy 7/T2-pro stack and when I am finished with it I am planning on another tribex/M stack. Seems to be working, I can see myself getting leaner. It’s great!!!

When you were on the Tribex/M stack, was your goal to gain mass? What I mean is, were you using a program and diet tailored to help you build mass, or did you just stick to your normal routine?

I did use Tribex for a week and a half and found it to be extremely disruptive to my sleep. I know the directions say that there will be side effects at first and that those will subside but in my case I wasn’t willing to wait it out to see. I would rathar have the benefits of a full nights sleep. I haven’t used Biotest ZMA but the EAS ZMA is good stuff, though I only took it in the morning or afternoon to avoid restless sleep.

I have cycled tribex on and off for several years (with great results) and just started another cycle two days ago. But every time I go on a cycle I do end up finding it hard to get to sleep. I don’t think when I take it matters because it’s the increase in testosterone that causes you to loose sleep. The increase doesn’t happen immedietly after you pop the pills. The tribex has to get into your system.

I think that it actually helped me to sleep better. I also used Biotest’s ZMA. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Speaking as a lifelong poor sleeper, after my first 3 week cycle of Tribex, I found that it had no negative affect on my sleep whatsoever. In fact, I think that I actually slept a little better. For me, everything usually affects the quality of my sleep and this didn’t at all. MAG-10 on the otherhand, seemed to make me feel restless for the first few nights and made sleeping difficult, but that seems to have stopped. Perhaps it was a result of my increased training and eating.