Tribex time?

Is it a good ideal for a 40 y.o. man that is terribly out of shape and has done almost no exercise in yrs to take Tribex right off the bat, or should I wait until I have “prepared” myself.
What exercises are recommended to start?
I know the the target should be the big muscle groups, other than squats (uhhg)
and bench presses, what else should I be doing to start? Been so long and the knowledge of what works better for a newbie has changed.

I’d wait for any supplements (except protein) until you’ve made some progress from just beginning a weight training program. Use them as something to look forward to for a boost when your initial progress starts to slow.

Beginners programs are all over this 'zine and forum.

I agree with Right Side Up. Hold off on the Tribex for now and emphasize diet and solid training practices. As far as supplements go, I’d recommend protein powder (i.e., GROW), fish oils, and flax oil right from the start. Keep in mind too that beginners have an even greater increase in protein demand than advanced trainees so make sure you hire a dump truck to get enough in. Make sure you’re getting your protein & carb beverages after training (see John Berardi’s article: “Solving the post-workout puzzle” for more on this)

As for the oils, you can’t say enough about the benefits of either. I say start taking them ASAP.

For a newbie…think compound movements.

Bench Presses
Deadlifts (read up on the site first)
Chin Ups (don’t worry. we all suck when we start)
Bent Over Rows
Military presses

Good luck!

I think an out of shape 40 year old would love Tribex, if for no other reason than the lead it will put in your pencil.