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Tribex + Rez-V + Hot-Rox Extreme

Hi there,

Im trying to lose fat (im currently at 22% BF, 5’10 and 174pounds) and im taking the TRIBEX, Rez-V and HOT-ROX stack, mostly because my test levels need a boost and the HRX coz of the burning fat part…

I just took them all 3 for the first time(3 Rez-V, 2 TRIBEX and 1 HRX) before breakfeast and got the worse anxiety ever… nausea, diziness and got nervous… Should i keep this up ? Is it normal because its my first time?

Other supps: ICE (BCAA+glutamine), Metabolic Drive low carb 2 times a day , Grow! for post workout and 5mg of monohydrate creatine CREAPURE with my Grow!..


IMO I don’t think you should be using the HOT-ROX. The other two go ahead and use if they make you feel better, but not if they give you the symptoms you just described. Fat burners should be used at the very end of a cut not at the beginning.

Rely on changing your diet and increasing cardio to lose fat especially at 22%. There is no magic pill or supplement that you can take in order to lose fat, it’s just consistent hard work, and then once you get there it’s just a matter of maintaining what you did to get there.

i forgot a couple of things…

  • I do excercise of course 5 times a week, so i dont rely on a pill to cut the fat magically… 45 to 60min everyday (short but hard workouts) 10-12 reps and combining different muscle groups example: bicep+tricep (hypertophy i guess its called??). One day weight training and the other HIIT (3 weight days and 2 HIIT)…

  • Paleo is my diet… And i am pretty strict when it comes to that… No alcohol, no soda, wheat flour, grains, etc…

I also forgot i’m using flamout …

Well it seems like you have everything covered. However, back to my first point. Fat burners should be used at the end of a cut, not when you first start out. To paraphrase what Meadows and I’m sure many other smart people have said, you need to think of cardio, fat burners, HIIT as part of your tool bag. Use each one when you need to break through a plateau.

As suggested, starting out with altering your diet is the first step and once you are no longer able to consistently lose fat add in a little cardio (ie 30 min three times a week) then add more cardio when you hit another wall (45-60 min). Once that has ceased to work you can start doing fasted cardio first thing in the morning. Lastly once you have run into all of that I would use some sort of fat burner.

I would also recommend steady state cardio instead of hit. I think it works better for fat loss while still able to recover from intense lifting. Also you might want to switch from three days of lifting to 4 or five.

I agree on leaving the HRX for final stage of cutting, when i get to a lower fat % and it gets difficult to lower the % and get the veins out there…

I’ll leave it out of my stack for a while, specially because of the side effects, the other two i need…

I guess i can change my routines so i can add a day just for just hams and quads… something like:
Monday - traps, shoulders and calf
tuesday - biceps and triceps
wednesday - cardio
thursday - chest and back
friday - quads and hams
saturday - cardio
sunday - rest

Your symptoms are possibly from the yohimbine in the HOT-ROX.

Impossible to say for sure. But you can do some resaerch on yohimbine intolerance and see if you think it fits. There are many people who dont tolerate it well.