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TRIBEX + Rez-V + HOT-ROX Extreme

Thinking about taking the above supplements together…I workout very first thing in the morning.

Have one question:

I know I should take the Rez-V 1st thing upon waking…can I take the HRX at the same time or should I wait 15 min…or longer (I’m at the gym within 30 min. of waking up)?

Don’t want to take the HRX too late so as not to get it’s full effect until I’ll already done lifting and in the shower (unless that doesn’t matter much).


I would take the HRX upon waking and then the Rez-V just slightly before the workout. It doesn’t really matter tho…the sooner the better with HRX imo. I haven’t taken either tho, but if HRX ‘stimulatory’ effects are like everything elses I know I personally would need a good 20-30 mins before it kicked in. Rez-V is going to work no matter what time you plan on taking it imvho.