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TRIBEX Results?

Has anyone taken Biotest’s Testosterone booster TRIBEX? and what were your results. I’m taking it now and am wondering. Thank you!


yea i take it… with damn good results, i think.

basically, i’m half way through the cycle and results i have felt are increased motivation to push through a hard workout (i guess increased strength). i have to shave a shit load more. i want to screw everyother second rather than just every 5 seconds which relates to increases stamina in the sac (my girl loves this one).

or could it be that i am 21 and “effects” are natural. who knows! but i’m still takin it

I always get a more restful nights sleep, increased pumps and constructived aggression during a work out, increased recovery, increased strength. but hey if if you can aford it go with Alpha Male it’s much stronger than TRIBEX and you’d get better results, or even go with Carbolin 19 ( I love this one)as it cost more than TRIBEX (I assume you’re using the new Gold formula)but is cheaper then Alpha Male.

I been using Carbolin 19 for a while thats why I highly recommend it. Honestly I can’t afford Alpha Male every month and i haven’t even tried the new formula yet but it’s stronger than the old one(which was great) and contains Carbolin 19. So I can’t wait to try it this november (if everything goes as planned)