Tribex/RedKat Stack?

I have used Tribex (3caps 2xday for 4weeks on and 2off) with great success and looking to see if Tribex + RedKat will increase this success. Looking for dosages and on/off days. Training and diet are not an issue with me (no newbie here) and not looking for any prohormone suggestions. Stats are: age 26, 5’9" 180lbs 12%bf with 12+ years athletic training and sport conditioning.

There have been a lot of questions on the forum about stacking Redkat and Tribex, lately. The responses confirm my experience. Just as T-mag stated, the two can be stacked and work rather well together. Almost too good together. Tribex and Redkat work through different channels and compliment eachother. Have a sexual outlet close by, Redkat makes you horny, especially combined with Tribex. More to your question, in terms of training, sport performance, and body changes. As you know tribex is great. When I stacked Redkat with it, I found I could eat more and get leaner, while getting stonger. At times I had to eat a lot extra to compensate for my reved up metabolism if I wanted to gain any size. I found 2 caps of Redkat a day, one first thing in the morning and one mid-to-late afternoon very effective and cost effective. I cycled my tribex and redkat so that the off days were never the same days for both. I used fivedays on/two off protocols for both. Once again the two off days were different days for each product. Mental attitude was great - another sign of high T levels.

Any info on stacking tribex with redkat while on HotRox?

how many caps of Tribex were you taking during the 5/2 cycle? I found 6caps in two doses per day worked great for me during the 4 week method. I like the idea of working 5/2 with RedKat and Tribex not having the same off days. Thanx

I’m going to try a full stack of the two products starting tomorrow (no days off, just for a week or two to try it out), so I’ll let ya’s know how it went.

I do know that Tribex has helped me in the past (all around), so I expect this stack to work nicely!

Badmoon, I took 3caps of tribex 2x a day during the 5/2 cycle. Just a note to everyone. I feel the effects in the first week of stacking tribex and redkat, but the effects were MUCH more noticeable after 2wks.