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Tribex, RedKat, M, Hot-Rox Stack

Been using Tribex for a while and I like it. Am trying to lose just a few more pounds for the summer and in an attempt to amp it up I ordered and just recieved the additional supplements listed above. My plan is to simply use them all simul. and see if I can hang on to muscle mass while losing the excess middle (maybe 8 lbs) Anyone see a problem with this “stack”?

Thanx for any input

Incidentally, I’m 44 yrs old, 10 years training and have never used “boosters” of any kind other then Tribex, mrps, protein, and multivitamins.

Wow, you’ll defenitely get some results. Few thoughts for you based on my own experience as well as a handful of others I train:

-You can defenitely retain size while cutting down the fat, use the T-Dawg 2.0 diet or similar along with maybe some Metldown or EDT training. Assuming you get enough protein in you might even make some small gains in lean mass and strength, just nothing compared to an all out bulking cycle.

-With the Hot-Rox and other supps on hand you might could even do a breif fat fast withouth sarcrificing too much size in order to kick start your fat losses.

Are you planning on using the Hot-Rox and RedKat at the same time? I’ve done that as well as using 1 bottle of RedKat after every 2 bottles of Tribex I go through.