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TRIBEX/RED KAT or Alpha Male?


Before I ask the question ill start by saying yes i used the search button!! having that said...

I have been using TRIBEX with the 3000mg label and the RED KAT with the 750mg label.. now ive been reading up on the Alpha Male sup. and read its the best of both worlds for TRIBEX and RED KAT!

I've noticed tho there is only 1500mg per serving which if the math is right you are getting far less product than TRIBEX stacked with RED KAT?? or did i miss something that explains why Alpha Male is the way to go? I would really love some feed back on this because downing a few less pills for the same result im down with!



Well I do beleive the difference would be two things. The Alpha Male also has the benefit of having M as well as the TRIBEX and RED KAT combined so you have an anti E effect.

As for the dose effectiveness. I think that boils down to the superior delivery system. The Alpha Male is nano. dispersed. More bioavailable.

Sometimes MORE is not always better.

I will say I have tried TRIBEX and Alpha Male. While both are Great. Alpha Male is TOP DOG IMO.

Probably save you soe Jack as well then buying both. Leaving more $ for food and/or Grow!/Surge to feed the need.

Ya Know. That boosted T wont be worth a Darn without nutrients to back it up.

Hope that helps,


For the record, TRIBEX and RED KAT are now both nano-dispersed as well . . . .

If money were no object at all, taking a combination of TRIBEX, RED KAT and M, due to some additional ingredients they have that Alpha Male doesn't, would be the ultimate T-boosting combo. If you're only going to choose one of the three, though, Alpha Male would be the strongest, at least in theory.


Thank you for the quick responses.. I should have stated that money really wasnt a biggy to me i was just looking at the info given in the reviews and feed back on the forums and was a bit confussed.
I think i missed the part where Alpha Male had M in it... I only saw the TRIBEX and RED KAT ingredients never really looked at M.
I also agree more isn't always better! but figured I would ask and see if anyone thought one stack (TRIBEX/RED KAT) was better than just Alpha Male.


Yup, TRIBEX contains avena sativa (that's a biggie!), which Alpha Male doesn't contain, and M contains calcium D-glucarate and a couple other ingredients that Alpha Male doesn't contain. So if money is really no object, and you don't mind popping a few more pills, go with the TRIBEX + RED KAT + M combo.


I asked Cy a similar question on the Alpha Male thread on the T-Nation store (11/18 and 11/19/05).

He essentially states the Alpha Male is more potent than if you combine TRIBEX/RED KAT and M. If you check the ingredients on TRIBEX is states "tribulus" but the Alpha Male is "pharmaceutical-grade tribulus". The ingredients are stronger in the Alpha Male so there may be more potential for increased T levels.

Of note, I have been taking Alpha Male for 1.5 weeks and I can "feel" the difference!


Thanks Dave after i finsh off this bottle of TRIBEX and RED KAT im going to give A.M. a shot...
Thanks for all the imput guys!