Tribex? re: irritibility and dose

I was thinking of using methoxy which has worked well for me with tribex. One question: irritibility already can be a problem for me when I get stressed. How significant a problem is this with tribex? Would a smaller then usual dose of tribex have some added benefit to the methoxy or is it all or none?

From personal experience I would lower the dosage if you are going through a stressful time. Tribex definitely gives you more aggression that you can channel toward the wrong people. I tend to take out mine on people that deserve it except when I’m on Tribex and stressed out the ones that deserve it don’t seem to be enough and I make comments I regret later to people who don’t deserve it. It’s not an all or none thing with the Tribex. I’m sure if you only took one to two caps twice per day you would experience more benefit than if you hadn’t.

During growth surge project part II, I used tribex at recommended dose as my “supplement”. Yeah, I got irritable. But, was it working out twice a day? Eating 5700 calories? Or the Tribex? Dunno

Yeah, I felt like I was almost out of my mind when I was doing the “M” / Tribex stack. I would have to stop and mentally tell myself not to tear into my kids when they pissed me off, which is quite often. But it was awesome with work, because I think that it is good to have a somewhat aggressive attitude on the job.