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Does anyone know if I can use tribex and proscar together? I also read somewhere some dermatoligist does not recommend cutting proscar into quarters because it contains fillers, so one day you might not get any of the drug and the next day you might get all of the 5mgs. Does anyone know if this is true?

The filler and active ingredient should be distributed relatively even throughout the tablet. I’m sure there would be a small varience between the pieces, but I can’t imagine it would be of any significance.

Proscar (finesteride) should not be a problem with Tribex. Finesteride blocks the enzyme 5-(insert symbol for alpha) reductase which causes the conversion of testosterone to DHT and it is used to treat enlarged prostates as well as male pattern baldness. Propecia is a better choice if money is not a critical constraint as it comes in 1 mg pills.

I also agree with shaggy. The pill should be homogeneous throughout. Finasteride has a tendency to increase the chance of GYNO. This is due to the excess T floating around that has not been reduced by 5-alpha reductase (converted into estradiol). Tribex can only increase the T levels in peripheral blood. It is for this reason that I have stayed away from using tribex in combination with finasteride(propecia/proscar).

doctor is a little slow.., proscar is more cost effective than propecia. it's to your advantage money wise to go with the proscar. the part about the fillers is a bunch a malarky so dont worry about it.