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Tribex Proof

I always felt better and certainly more randy while taking Tribex but I never knew if it really raised testosterone levels. Well, I had a series of blood tests performed recently as part of a physical one month apart. The first one was prior to taking anything and the second was after a two week Mag10 cycle followed by 2 weeks of Tribex and M. The blood tests revealed that my T levels DOUBLED in that month. And perhaps even more interesting is that my Cortisol levels halved. That means a quadrupling of the T to C ratio which many consider to be a better indicator of the ability to add muscle than the T level alone. Also, for those who are concerned that Mag10 may raise Cholesterol levels, my total Cholesterol went from 189 to 129! My HDL is still too low so if anyone has a way to raise that, please let me know. Although this was not a scientically controlled experiment, it has convinced me that this stuff actually does what Biotest says it will.

Great to hear of the positive changes. As for the low HDL, I would not worry about it with such a low total cholesterol. Remember, if you have less bad stuff in your blood, you need less of the good stuff to clear it out. Exercise is one of the only things you can do to boost HDL and I figure that you already have that covered. Maybe a little extra cardio if you’re not doing any already.

Thats great. is there any mechanism by either product to reduce cortisol?

I don’t know Goldie. I attribute the T increase to Tribex and suspect that the decrease in blood lipids and cortisol is due to the M but that is just a guess. Bill, can you shed any light on this?

if you are really worried about your HDL, cotton seed oil is about the highest source, followed by good old bacon. But I would not worry too much.

What were your t-levels before and after Tribex?

My T levels went from 299 to 650. Granted that is not quite up to the “normal max” of 827 ng/dl but it ain’t too bad for a 57 year old buffoon. Its probably in the range of the average teen.