Tribex or Methoxy 7?

If I can only afford one (between Tribex and Methoxy 7) which would be the best? I am like most other people trying to gain muscle but also lose some fat.

tribex causes it seemed to make me more vascular but no real weight gain .however think about androsol,man that stuff rocks and consider the latest talk about staying on it longer[ie:3on.1off.2on.soff]that what i’m doin next!!!

I am curious about a similar question. If I could choose between only 1 of the following (Surge, Androsol, Nandrosol, triebx500) which one would you choose???

I agree with d.c., i.e., if you can afford just one Biotest supplement, make it Androsol. Used properly, it’s benefit/cost ratio is extremely high.