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Tribex or M on Fat Fast ?

Is there any point to supplementing with Tribex-500 and/or M on the “Fat Fast Diet” ? I an using Androsol (mainly due to price) for this diet, and after I lose what I want, I am going straight for the MAG-10 for some muscle gains (with the endocrine break, of course).

Currently, I am using the following on “Fat Fast”:

9:00am - wake up, take 3 caps Tribex-500, 35 sprays of Androsol
9:30am - “breakfast” (40g whey shake in water), 3 caps of lame competitor thermogenic (because I had it left over from a while back)
10:30am - multivitamin (1/3 dose of one of those “we have 10000% of everything in our multivitamin” vitamins from a store with a three letter name… Why 1/3 dose ? I take a gang of supplements, and don’t want to over do it. I still get generally > 100% on most of the vitamins/minerals listed on the outside of the bottle)
12:00pm - “lunch” (40g whey shake in water, 2 tbsp flax oil)
1:00pm - 3 caps same theromgenic
4:00pm - workout (3 times a week, about 40 minutes)
5:00pm - “dinner” (40g whey shake in water, 2 tbsp flax oil)
7:00pm - 3 caps Tribex-500
8:00pm - snack -> 2 eggs (hard boiled), or some tuna fish with some hot sauce, maybe a cooked Tuna steak from the good fish store down the street…
10:00pm - 35 sprays Androsol
11:00pm - last shake, same way, 40g whey in water
12:00pm - 3 caps Biotest ZMA
then anytime from midnight to 2am is time for bed.

Yeah, I get to wake up that late :slight_smile: I’m a full time telecommuter, which makes all this a lot easier on me.

Before I started the diet, I hadn’t gotten any of my Biotest products from the online order place… I started anyway, with just the thermogenic. I decided there was just no more waiting, and wanted to get staretd. But, I got them on day 2, so no worries. I’ve never tried Biotest products before. One thing I can definitely say about them is this -> I feel great. Better mood, better feeling body, better pump on my last bench session. Androsol, Tribex, ZMA, or the thermogenic…? Not sure which is giving all this to me, but I like it! :slight_smile:

This totally gives me a better feeling about supplementation than I had before. I don’t have this “is this stuff doing anything…?” mentality/feeling anymore.

Anyway, I get a little more protein than the published diet had, and I get a little less flax, but I am eating some fish, so it seems that I am Ok on the fat (omega-3/6) part … ?

Shooting for a trip from 265 lbs / ~40% BF to 200 lbs / ~20% (or less) BF on one or two passes at the diet. Not sure if I want to take a 1/2 way break for a “normal” week of food… Any thoughts ?

If it matters ->

  • I can pass on brand names of the things I listed that I am taking above, if anyone likes

  • I have been working out for about 1.5 years after 10 years off from high school/early college.

  • 30 years old, drug free (except for Claritin…)

  • adding cardio soon. It’s been a crazy week at work (I know, I know, it’s just another lazy excuse…)

  • I’ll have notes on how I fare for anyone that wants them. Keeping a spreadsheet with body weight and body fat percentage (got one of those scales that measures body impedance).


Androsol is not very testosterone suppressive even at max dosing. Adding Tribex will help boost your natural T-levels while androsol is going to boost your 4-AD levels. Having both high T and 4-AD levels will only help with the fat loss. If you can afford it, M would probably help also. This is primarily due to your high body fat level. Estrogen is produced in higher quantities in men with lots of body fat. So yes, in your case Tribex and M will help. Now, regarding whether or not you can take a normal food break for a week. I would say go for it. Going from 40% body fat to 20% is not going to be hard work and is going to take time. Plan accordingly and let yourself have a mental break. Good luck and please keep us posted.

Thanks! I’ll let you know what happens at the end of week 2 or 3. Whichever I lose my sanity at. The M is on the way, and was supposed to come with the tribex, but was backordered. :frowning:

Ought to be here tomorrow or the next day.