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TRIBEX or Alpha Male??


Can these be taken together for a continuious boost or is this an "either or" type of combination as I understand it to be?


either or.

from what i have read about these two is that the TRIBEX is for the younger t-man

Alpha Male contains both the TRIBEX and the RED KAT made by Biotest

i have taken the TRIBEX and had good resualts im getting ready to start the Alpha Male in may( had friend that thought Alpha Male was second to no one"


"TRIBEX is for the younger man?" Where are you getting your information??


My question to you is how old are you and what are your goals before I can give you an honest answer on what to lean toward. But to be honest I never took the brand of anything, I simply use vitamin shop tribulis terrestris and that works great for me at cents a dose instead of dollars.


I don't think that's fair to say if you haven't used TRIBEX. But it is a good point nonetheless.


Biotest give them a call