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TRIBEX or Alpha Male for Me?


Im 18 yrs old, im taking no2 creatine and maintain a very healthy lifestyle. im just curious if any tribulus product like TRIBEX or Alpha Male would have an effect on me. Considering i am 18 my testosterone levels are already through the roof.
ive tried TRIBEX before and didnt really notice anything.


Well there ya go.

If you're T-levels are up to snuff already, then the less likely you are going to get much performance enhancement out of these.

Best bet would be to drop the NO2, buy some Surge and BCAAs instead, if you're not already doing so.


Like NewDamage said, I'd go with some BCAA's and Surge. Add in some Flameout for a great fish oil supplement.

Most people don't need to boost their Testosterone at 18, but there are certain cases where it can be low. Personally, I had health issues that left me with low T at 18 and I did find relief through supplements. But I'm an oddball.