Tribex on an empty or on a full tank?

hey guys, the label said to take tribex with food or protein shake. Though, i heard rumors that it should be taken on an empty stomach. Which one?..i have been taking my 3 caps 2x a day with my shakes. Thanx peeps…peace

It really doesn’t matter. Take with food or you can sometimes burp and get a whiff of the tribex.

Maybe Bill or Chris could lay out a sure answer for this if they get a chance…as far as I know,it should be taken with food,the tribulus is not easily digestable,therefore it is taken with food to increase the time in the gut,to help break it down…I guess it’s the same deal with yohimbe(sic?)

I would go with what the label says. Taking Tribex on an empty stomach may work just as well as taking it with food, but on an empty stomach you might get the “white smoke” burps. Personally, I really enjoy these, but some may not. Also, when taken with food, be sure to take the Tribex before or during the meal and not after (or you may get the smokey burps again.)

Chris, I definately can assure you the white smoke burps will really impress people, especially in formal social situations. However, the first time is a little spooky to be belching clouds.

Had to chime in when I saw talk of the smoke burps…first time I had one from Tribex was when I was at my girlfriend’s house for dinner (eating dinner with her parents for the first time). It scared the crap out of everyone, including me…took a minute for me to realize it must have been from the Tribex I took a few minutes before. Made for some good conversation though…

I see you’re taking 3caps 2x a day. Is that what most do? I thought the rec. dose was 4caps 2x a day? I’m just getting ready to start taking it for the first time. 6caps a day means 15 days per bottle vs 11 days with 8 caps a day.
What are most doing? Is it size dependent?
I’m 180lbs.

I take the full 8 caps a day but I remember Bill Roberts mentioning a while back that with the new formula which is more concentrated, that 8 caps may be overkill and 6 caps a day will probably do the job. I think the bottle still says 2X4 a day but they’re unofficially starting to suggest 2x3 a day may be all that is needed.

I remember seeing a post by Bill saying that he thinks that six a day is probably effective because of the new formula.


My first Tribex cycle I did the full 8 and got great results…the past two I have done 6 a day, and seem to have gotten the same results as with 8.

Thanx people for clearing that up for me…i never noticed the smokey burps…but man what a weird taste …

Here’s one to try: Take your Tribex on an empty stomach and wash it down with a Diet Coke. When I burbed after doing this, it reminded me of the guy in The Last Mile - - releasing a power packed mega cloud with some real force. Glad nobody was in the room when I let that one out!

white smoke burbs…so i wasn’t just imagining things when i was taking before. wow. thats wild