Tribex - Notes from the field.

Just wanted to post my story about my Dad’s experience with Tribex-500.

After the most recent 2 fer 2 sale, I gave my Dad a bottle of Tribex-500 (110 count).

Little background on my Dad. He doesn’t workout. He’s 67 years old. He’s always into the latest health craze type stuff. e.g. Pycnogenol, colloidal silver/gold, DHEA, MSM, vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc, etc…

Anyway, one morning he was taking us to the airport and I tossed him a bottle of Tribex-500 and asked him to try it. He started taking 4 caps per day, and I told him to bump it up to 4 in the AM, and 4 in the PM. Then about a month or so later, he came over and actually brought up the subject with me. He said something like “Hey, I’ve been taking that stuff you gave me.” Then in a sort of nonchalantly said “That stuff sure gives you a hard-on. I’ve been taking that with my usual ginseng and it really gives me alot of energy and I just feel good.” He’s been taking ginseng for quite some time (as long as I can remember). But he seemed really excited about the Tribex. This is coming from a guy that’s given me samples of whatever he’s been taking. So it was kind of nice to turn the tables once and see some positive results.