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TRIBEX No Longer Carried


That's a total call-me-a-whambulance situation right there.

I friggn' [b]loved[/b] the straight Trib, moreso than even the Alpha Male.

Why did it get dropped, I wonder.


I would like to know also


Also, bring back M and RED KAT. I've used the Rez-V, and it's just not the same.

I ran the TRIBEX, M and RED KAT stack for two months after coming off a pretty severe injury/~15 month layoff, and that had me dropping fat, putting on muscle and feeling less depressed than I thought possible.

Com'mon, guys, re-release the "old school" stuff with gold, reflective foil lables, black translucent bottles, and give it a "for Level 4-5 ONLY" kinda marketing. I'd totally buy.


They have a TRIBEX Blue, like the old one but with different specs and more expensive, but you have to call and order it. I have been just buying it from ebay when I need some in a pinch. Alpha Male is too expensive to run all the time even if you are cycling it. Not sure what the deal is but there hasnt been any new supps for a while.


Excellent. I prefer the TRIBEX GOLD, I felt more . . . vital, I suppose, after a week on it. Never felt much of a positive change on the Blue.



TRIBEX Gold was dropped several months ago (not quite a year yet). Supposedly being reformulated or something. Ain't heard shit since. I would love to get some more.


Love to hear from Biotest on this. and it has been about a year since anything new.


Last I heard they were working on a multi vitamin. I wonder how close that is.


Its been over a year since any release. whats up Biotest?


Alpha Male is our primary product for T-boosting effects.

For info on the previous supplements please call our customer service line: 800-525-1940.


It would be nice if they had an "Upcoming section" in the Store with what's coming down the pipe. I know they have high quality control standards, and probably don't want to give out any false hopes. Personally, I'm wish that MAG-10 Destroyer would be released again. I know that's probably never going to happen until the law changes, but still. If anyone still has some of this, and are considering selling it, PM me and let me know what you want for it.