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TRIBEX & Natural T Test


I have been cycling TRIBEX for a while and I believe that I have seen some good results from this. I 'think' that part of the reason I respond to TRIBEX is that I have naturally low T levels. To eliminate all guess work from the situation I am going to go and get my levels checked. I want to make sure that I get an accurate reading so I wanted to get a bit of an idea as to how long before the test I should stop taking TRIBEX to ensure I am at my natural T levels.


I'm not positive but I believe I remember Cy saying 2 weeks for Alpha Male. If that's true, I can't see why TRIBEX wouldn't be the same.


This should be great. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.



Do I detect a hint of sarcasm? If so, can I ask why

I just want to clarify that despite my avatar and screen name, I am actually male, just in case you thought that I was a female on TRIBEX going to have my T levels checked


Here is what I did after consulting with Cy. He had me drop EVERYTHING all of it every supp aside from real food even a multi vit and fish oils for 6 weeks. Then ran EVERYTHING to get a true baseline on a complete blood profile.

Its a long wait but nice break and worth it in the end.


Thanks Phill. I was already down to minimal supps anyway so it shouldnt be too much of a concern.


Not a prob hope all comes out well.

You might have a look at Cy's article something along the title of "Level with me Doc how long have I got"
it explains all the ins and outs of the tests what to get tested etc..