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TRIBEX , My Experience


I just started taking TRIBEX 3 weeks ago. First a little history: I'm 33 and have low normal test levels. Here are my total test bloodwork results for the last two years-

2004- 436

2005- 430

My T level feels like it did 10 years ago! I have more drive and focus to my workouts, for the first time in a long time I'm happy with the progress I'm making. My sex drive has increased as well, this is a nice bonus. Just as an interesting side note, my low T level does not seem to have had a negative effect on my fertility, I have a 1 year old and my wife became pregnant the first time we tried.

I'm going to get more bloodwork later this summer, I'll post my T level then. Is there any disadvantage to taking TRIBEX every day instead of the 5 days on, 2 off? For those of you who have tried them, do you prefer TRIBEX, Alpha Male, or another T booster? This is my first time taking a T booster, I'm very happy with the results!


I like Alpha Male. Follow the directions.


If you enjoy TRIBEX, I believe Alpha Male has it in it and then some other extracts that supposedly do the same thing... And Carbolin 19.

Seems like a good supp.


I like both TRIBEX and Alpha Male but prefer Alpha Male.

Definately cycle it as per directions