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While taking Tribex do you feel that M is necessary? It is recommended that both be taken on an empty stomach in the A.M… How long should the stomach remain empty after taking them?

You don’t have to take the M. Tribex is great on its own.

Don’t sweat the empty stomach thing. Biotest has changed the directions from with food to empty stomach so I guess it doesn’t matter much either way. Doesn’t seem to make a difference with me.


How long have you used Tribex? And may I ask what age bracket you are in?

Hey, there, Johnrn!!! Welcome to the forum.

What are your goals; i.e., the reason for taking Tribex & M? Are you just completing a Mag-10 cycle?

zeb. late 30’s. Used Tribex on and off for a few years now, especially during tough programs like OVT.

ZEB I’m 28 and just started it about three weeks ago. I really don’t notice a difference. I’m taking three twice a day. I weigh 160ish now. I don’t know my T level so I don’t know where I’m at on the T level spectrum. It really hasn’t increased my sex drive to anything noticable.


I have never tried it, what is the most dramatic effect?


I wonder if you are just to young at 28 for it to make a difference? I have no idea.