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Tribex, M, or Power Drive?

I have a little cash left over in my monthly supplement budget and have narrowed it down to those 3 supplements- Tribex 500, M, or Power Drive. Which of those would you all suggest have worked the best for you? My goals right now are to work off the excess fat from the holidays. I’d go with T2, but the label said it cautioned against use if you have a history of high blood pressure, and I’ve tested for moderately high BP in the past, so I’m taking that out of consideration for the time being. Thanks everyone for your help!!

Tough question. I would say that Tribex would be best, because then your hormones will allow you to lose BF without losing as much muscle (call it anabolic support). You’ll still be responsible for dieting the fat off though.

El, thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been down that road of not knowing I have to do my part with the diet- I’m now aware- thanks for the reminder, though :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion- anyone else?

I have also been diagnosed with moderatley high BP. The thing is though, that could be idiosyncratic. Some people just have slightly higher bp’s than others. At least, that is what I think. It shouldn’t make a big deal to take T2pro, but if you’re still a bit anxious about it, I would recommend the power drive. It should help keep your workouts fairly productive while dieting (which is what you’ll be doing).

Good luck man…

None of those three. I’d stick with something like Surge, Grow or MD6 (yes, you can still get it at certain online distributors). I don’t think M will be of use to you unless you’re using something like Tribex or MAG-10 anyway. Power Drive is nice before workouts so you can concentrate more. Or you may even “feel” it and get that extra kick in the pants you need to complete your workouts. I’d rather invest in something as a food supplment, as I find that a worthy investment.

i don’t think that you should discount the t2-pro if your goal is fat loss. I don’t think that your high blood pressure will be affected by it. Remember that there are certain things that the supplement companies have to put on the labels. As far as the three you recommended, i know that the powerdrive will definitely help with muscle endurance. Try it with some caffeine before your workouts and you will definitely experience a difference. laters pk

Thanks all. I should have indicated my staple supplements in my “monthly supplement budget” are Grow, Grow Bars, and Surge- so I do have that covered already.

An interesting thought on the BP, though. I’ve taken “tweaky” supplements like MD6 before and usually just feel all cracked out- my heart just races, and then I think about the warning on the bottle about high BP and start to stress out :slight_smile: I hear T2 doesn’t do that, but somehow increases your core temp? Anyway, it looks like 1 vote for Tribex and 2 votes for Power Drive? Anyone else? Thanks again everyone for your help!!