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Tribex/M Dosing Protocol

Hey guys - After seeing the results that I’ve gotten with Biotest supps and T-mag Workouts - my Dad has recently expressed a desire to begin supplementing with Tribex and possibly M, which I think is outstanding. He’s currently 52 yrs old and in solid shape as he’s continued his lifelong training and dieting - much of which I’ve supplied to him - in recent years, from T-mag. I’ve taken both products, at various doses since both products were introduced, in a cycled manner and have gotten great results - however, there seems to be conflicting issues with dosing. After reading TP’s david tua article again - which is 3 caps of M and 3 caps of Tribex once a day respectively - sep by 10 12 hours. And of course theres the doing recomm on the BOTTLES which state diff guidelines. There are a few gray areas for me in regards to what dosing protocol would be optimal.
-Is M that valuable for him, that it really does maximize T and optimize the tribex?
-Is 3 caps of each adequate? I know with the NEW formula of tribex, that the dosing was basically cut in half from the original.
Obviously Tim felt that it was for David Tua, I’m just wondering if anything has changed, or if alterations would be necessary for someone of my Dad’s age and hormonal profile, which appear to be normal for his age.
Also - what have you experienced with each product in regards to cycling - best results with 5 days on and 2 off or just take it for 4 weeks and then go off for 1? Thanks in advance guys - as always I value your input.