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Tribex & M Cycle

I just got the results from some blodwork back and found that my T levels was lover than I’d hoped for. I’m about to order some Tribex and “M” to take care of things. My doc won’t discuss any of the real stuff since my numbers are within the normal range -352-. I want to get my numbers up in the high range since I’m also fighting high cholesterol. Yeah, I know cholesterol isn’t the best indicator of problems but more tests are in the works and this crap runs in the family.
My question is about the cycling of these two supps. Would using Tribex days 1 thru 5 and “M” days 3 thru 7 and then repeating be ok? I’m looking at long term supplementation and the 2 full weeks with only “M” as recomended in the Maximizing T stack worries me a bit. I’m also about to start taking Myo-Stat and as soon as the budget allows and I get my fat-ass back in shape with single digit BF% I’m gonna try Mag-10.
I know if I’ll ever get some straigt answers it will be from you guys so any comments, suggestions or ideas are welcome!

Whats with the wacky Tribex and M dosing?

Bro You can use Tribex year round if You can afford it. How old are you. It makes a difference. If your young, Try 8 weeks of Tribex at 2x max dose, and overlap it w/ 8 weeks of M Starting in wk 4. then repeat. I’d also recomend AM 4-AD. Just taking it in the mornings will give less inhibition than taking it all day. If you run 12 week overlapping cycles, you would probably be amazed at the progress and mood elelvation. TRY THIS:

WKS 1-4: 4-AD-EC (400mg/AM)

WKS 4-8: 4-AD-EC (400mg/AM)+Tribex (8 caps/d)

WKS 8-12: Tribex (8 caps/d)+ M (6 caps/d)

WKS 12-16: M (6 caps/d)

and repeat. Your T would be high normal almost a;; the time, and You’d feel great. Throw in Some AM powerdrive, and another serving before taining w/ 200mg of caffiene and you’d be golden. Good luck bro!