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I am currently taking Tribex 500, and like everyone else feeling horny all the time. This obviously results in an increase in jerking off. After ejaculation do testosterone levels decrease, hence should I cut down on the wanking?

just spank it all day long, instead of coffee breaks take jerk off breaks and don’t worry about it.

dude if you switch hands every time you can ditch forearm work!

You’ll be the only blind guy in town with forearms like Popeye’s and hands with lots of gnarly hair.

this has actually been covered before… Jerking off can actually increase your T-level, not decrease.

Rather than spanking, you may need to find a more accommodating girlfriend (or two).

My poor wife. Everytime she sees the blue pills she runs for cover." What? again, that’ll be three times today. I need my rest. I’m not a machine you know. But I’m sore. Can’t you put that away for five minutes? Is that all you think about? I’m calling those bastards at Biotest and tell them not to send any more stuff." Ain’t love grand.