Tribex instead of Clomid?

If I were to do a 6 week cycle of sust/250mg per week, could I use Tribex as an alternative to clomid? Also what size syringe would be best for a sust injection? Merci

Lil Ned, without knowing a thing about your experience, size or goals, but guessing you’re young and a newbie to juice, I’d suggest you do a bunch more research before embarking on this. Your question tells me you don’t know too much, as does your intention to use only 250 mg sus per week. Read up and take your time.

Also, I’d use both clomid and Tribex-500, not Tribex alone.

John Koenig, I am 21, 210lbs at approx 12%bf. I have been lifting for 2 years, and can’t stop reading about nutrition,training and the ups and downs of scientific enhancement. You are correct in that I am a newbie in that it is my first cycle. The reason I am choosing to take only 250mg/week is because it is only my first cycle, and it is my intention to preserve muscle mass while dieting. I realized that I would probably get the “only 250mg” response so chose not to post the question… That is until I read Cy Wilson’s Thyroid Handbook in this weeks online issue of t-mag. I do appreciate your advice and will take it into consideration. I hope however that I do get a few more responses. Thanx John

The first cycle is always the best in terms of size and stregth gains so i think it would be a total waste to only use the sauce for preserving mass while dieting. I think you should save your first cycle for when you are concentrating on gaining size. If you dont take this advice I at least think there are better anabolics than test when dieting, especially in terms of possible side effects. with test you may start holding a bit of water and when dieting it seems kind of counter productive to get leaner but look bloated. The first cycle is so wonderful save it for another time. peace

Use 500 mg. You can diet more aggressively and lose more fat. With 250 mg you get poor results and still supress your T. In the end you might wind up worse than where you were because you might gain some fat back while waiting for your own T.

Since it is your first cycle, DO NOT use even 250 mg test without Clomid, Nolvadex or arimidex. You have no idea how sensitive you are to estrogen and yes, You can get gyno. Don´t take the risk. It ain´t worth it!!!

Be careful and good luck!

No, tribex is a nice supplement, but not even close to being a substitute for clomid

NO!! Tribex is a herb - it doesn’t possess the potency of a clomid. You need to do more reseach into steroids - like the steroid bible/handbook/etc - this stuff will hose you up if you don’t know what your doing. My advise is to do more research and consider starting out on Winstrol as this is very safe and works wonders for newbies (most new to steroids respond very well to even a weaker cycle).

A lot of people report being very happy with Tribex, in the situation of being natural lifters, and I think Jose Antonio found some good results in a study he did, but in the post-cycle situation, I just don’t know of anyone saying yea or nay as to how good it is for recovery. I am confident in Clomid for that, but for the total lack of information with Tribex in that situation, don’t have confidence in Tribex for that, so I always recommend Clomid post-cycle.

Or if you meant as an antigyno agent, then absolutely positively Clomid not Tribex. Tribex is not found to have anti-gyno properties.

The best sized syringe is a 29 gauge, 1/2 inch insulin needle. Search the forum for, I suppose, needle, and if that doesn’t work, 29, and you should find a lot of discussion. Good luck!