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Tribex in Oz

Any of you out there know if there’s a source of Tribex in Brisbane? Tan - you mentioned you got some sent over from Perth, can you be more specific about it?

Mark, Body Performance Gear in Perth carries it. Their website is their name plus the .com. I think it was 70-80 Aussie dollars. Pretty steep and they don’t have the buy 2 get 1 free deal. I’ve only tried a 2 bottle cycle once…Didn’t really do much for me but may be that’s because i’m 19 and my testosterone levels are maxed out.

I live on the Gold Coast and get Tribex thru First Nutrition in New Zealand. You’ll find details with a search on the net.

MK, i live on the Gold Coast too…i’ver found that First Nutrition prices are about $10 more for Biotest supplements compared to the Australiann distributor…just thought u might like to know.