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tribex, how long?

how long do you have to use the tribex before it kicks in. im not really looking for weight gain, just some strength. also should i use 3 or 4 caps per serving. im 6"1 195lbs

I just started taking it on Monday myself and noticed a strength gain in tuesdays workout. Ive also lost two pounds too, been taking in less carbs as well. I weigh 190 6’1" and as the directions say 4 tabs with food then again 10-12 hours later w/food. I take mine at 8AM-10AM and 8-10PM.

i was wondering if you need and reduction of estrogen after a cycle of tribex?

I dont think so. From what I have read as far as Mag-10 goes the off weeks are Tribex and M. They help to to “facilitate endocrine recovery” I believe is how it was put. Maybe someone who knows more will post for us that are ignorant to the ways.

I have been taking Tribex for 4 weeks, when I started I got in touch with Biotest’s customer service, they recommended taking 3 pills 2xday. Taking 4pills 2xday is too much as the product is extremely potent.

This is exactly what the suctomer service rep that replied to me wrote:
"As powerful as Tribex-500 is, I doubt that lowering the dose to 6 capsules per day will lessen the elevation in Testosterone or acne
you’re experiencing. In fact, we now recommend 6 capsules per day, rather than 8 capsules, to most users.

If you’re like the most of us, though, the acne will subside within the next 2-3 weeks, even with continued use of Tribex-500.

Thanks for your support!"

Good luck!

Ive been using tribex at 2 pills 2 x a day. And
so far my acne has increased and oily skin is also present. My sex drive rises for like three hours after I take the two pills as well. Tribex is legit.

Well thats good to know. I wondered why the bottles says 4 but the biotest website says three. Good to know.

hey greg, whats up man…i just ordered my bottles of tribex and had a question for you. Are you doing a Methoxy cycle half way into the Tribex Cycle?..or is just four weeks of Tribex? If you are adding the Methoxy, what for and if not why not? …lol sorry for all the questions bro, i am a newbie to the tribex thing…thanx in advance…peace

The potency of Tribex has been increased in the last few months. Check out the Behind the Scenes article in issue 155. The label has has been changed yet, but I have seen the 3caps twice a day recommendation by at least one of the T-mag staffers.

No I am not adding in the Methoxy. I am not adding the methoxy at this point because I do not have any. But If I did have some I would use it. As far as Tribex goes I am going 5days on 2days off.
I have noticed more oily skin. Not sure about the agression. I am always sort of pissed off.

thanks greg, what i will prolly do is buy 2 bottles of Methoxy after two weeks of tribex…what do you think?

Give it a go. Remember to get the protein in. And use 3 caps instead of the 4. Have to put down the food and the water as well.