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I added a bottle of it to my next supplement order, so I want to know about your experiences with it, regarding dosage, cycling, effects, how it compares to other Tribulus products, and any other recommendations you would make. I apologize if a thread like this already exists, but I'm sure most of you are familiar with how great the search function is. Thanks.


I'm curious about this as well, Alpha Male to be exact. The few reviews I've heard were mixed. However every Biotest supp I've bought has surpassed expectations.


I just got two bottles of Alpha Male which should last me bout 8-10 weeks if I follow the cycling instructions (5 days on 2 off).

I've wikipedia'd the ingredients in Alpha Male, and it contains 2 other ingredients other than Terrestius, (I don't even try to spell these words right), and the other 2 ingredients have been shown to increase T levels. Terrestius or whatever the word is, has had some favorable studies and some non-favorable studies and that's all TRIBEX really is.

So I guess in theory TRIBEX will work for some and not work for others, while Alpha Male is more of a guarantee to at least somewhat raise your T-levels.

I guess that's reflected in the price of the 2 supplements as well. Alpha Male costs more, so I guess it's reasonable to expect more. (I know many times in life that reasoning is extremely flawed, but based on my research of the ingredients, it seems to be true here).


Thanks SB.


I prefer the Blue TRIBEX formula to the TRIBEX Gold; but it appears to perhaps be discontinued.

The 5 Days On / 2 Days Off cycling schedule works well. In the past I have even just used it before bed to make the bottle last a bit longer. This seemed to yeild comperable results to the 2X day dosing.


Thanks Shakes. I'm gonna follow the 5 on/2 off cycle, 2x/day dosing for now to see how I respond. If I end up getting another bottle later on, I'll give the bedtime dosing a try.


You can get the blue TRIBEX at other supplement stores.


I have used all 3 formulas (AM, Gold, and blue) and I like them all, the gold is the cheapest but you just get the one ingredient. These all give me an added test boost (I'm 35) and although they will not give you huge muscles, etc, my gains in the gym are better when I am on these, I do feel that my workouts are better, my mood is also better as well. It will increase your libido as well.

I do the 5/2 protocol and that works the best for me.


I used Alpha Male just to see what it did. I followed CT's recommendation of taking all 4 caps in the PM (before bed). Let's just say I'd wake up a lot in the middle of the night because I'd roll over and the wood would nearly snap off. Crazy sexual dreams too. Good stuff.


I found the 2 2 times a day 5/2 to work well for me. However I prefer Alpha Male.

I also liked the nano Alpha Male better than the current version. I have taken both versions enough times each to know the nano worked better for me. With that being said I still recommend the current version.

And as I have posted several times, I miss M! I really do! The 5/2 with the nano Alpha Male with the M taken on the 2 off days worked really well for me. Then finish up the M once finished with the bottle of Alpha Male.



why was M discontinued anyways?


Good question. I know several others have asked also. I know Alpha Male contains at least one of the ingredients that was in M and I remember some post that suggested it was the most important/potent one. More recently Rez-V has been suggested. And while both of those are valid that doesn't stop me from wishing M was still available. It was reasonably priced and worked well for me.



Yeah, I'll be 39 in a month and Alpha Male has been my friend for some years now. When I cycle it, I use the five on two off as well. Basically take it Monday thru Friday during the work week and don't worry about it on the weekends.

As we age anywhere from our thirties to forties (different for everyone) males have more aromatase enzyme whittling our test into estrodial. At the same time our production is diminishing. So, with Alpha Male you have tribulas stimulating more production, eurycoma longfolia helping to increase free testosterone levels, and vitex minimizing the harmful effects of estrogen. And, then there's Carbolin 19 helping with body composition.

TRIBEX Gold is a good choice for anyone looking for a quick strong stimulas for test production to go up.

REZ-V and Alpha Male are my tools to keep vitality high.



For those with experience how long did it take for the libido enhancing effects of TRIBEX gold to manifest?


For me, if I haven't been on anything a while, it seem to affect me after a few hours of taking it. I know others have said it took a day or two.




I like the Blue formula as well. It's not discontinued, just not sold in the Biotest store, but can be found elsewhere, and fyi, TRIBEX Blue is the same formula as Alpha Male, but Alpha Male just has the addition of Carbolin 19.


Best tribulus all around. I like the blue bottle better than the others. I can say that the effect you feel in 2-3 days is the libido gets skyrocked. More agressiveness in the gym. Really good trin products.