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TRIBEX Gold vs. Alpha Male


Which do you prefer and why?

I'm going to do either an Alpha Male/Rez-v stack or a TRIBEX Gold/Rez-v stack.

Just looking for some insight from those who have already used the products.


From my experience, I loved Alpha Male. I noticed a big difference. My workouts were more intense, and i had the feeling of kicking some ass for most of the day, and my girlfriend enjoyed Alpha Male too...to me TRIBEX just seemed to bring milder of the same effects, both good products but if you got the money id vote Alpha Male.


Have taken nether, however I use Tribulus terrestris as well as other T boosters.

Basted on the info the Alpha Male is your best bang for your buck:
Biotest® Super-Concentrated Extracts (Tribulus terrestris, Vitex agnus castus, Eurycoma longifolia), Carbolin 19 (forskolin 1,9-carbonate)

The TRIBEX is only Tribulus terrestris consontrated (not bad)
but the Alpha Male puts in Carbolin 19 that from what I have read is a very good stacking choice with Any T booster...

both are



I'm running the TRIBEX/Rev-z stack right now, I'm only on the first week @ 1pill 2x a day, but I'm ramping it up to 2pills2x a day for TRIBEX on tuesday.

From my experience w/ the Carbolin 19 in HRX, I think Alpha Male would be pretty good, but I haven't tried it yet.

I can say however, morning wood hasn't been this strong in months so something is working.


I'm probably too young (21) to get that much benefit from these anyway, but I've tried both just to see and found it hard to really find much benefit to TRIBEX but quite a bit with Alpha Male. I was lifting 6 days a week and doing a lot of Max effort work (3 a week, I know, it was too much to maintain for long, but for the three months (with a week break in the middle) I had no symptoms of over-training and got nice gains) and I had three fuck buddies and in general was sleeping around a lot at the time and it really helped the quality of both activities.