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TRIBEX Gold & HOT-ROX Stack??


Haven't seen any posts regarding if it's worth taking these two supplements during a fatloss program?

If not, which one of the Biotest products would best compliment HOT-ROX?



Carbolin 19 is supposed to be very good at preserving muscle when trying to loose fat (or so I've read, haven't tried it yet).

I would think that TRIBEX would be fine with it too, and with the Carbolin 19.


Methoxy-7 would probably best compliment HOT-ROX, but TRIBEX is good too IMO.


Alpha Male or TRIBEX witrh the HOT-ROX would be best IMO. Aiming to keep the T levels UP while on a hypocaloric diet which are not in and of themselves the best environment for high T.

Should help/compliment nicely.


I'd vote for Methoxy 7, but Alpha Male isn't a bad choice either.


Biotest recommends that Carbolin 19 not be used with HOT-ROX.

I like the effect I get when stacking HOT-ROX and TRIBEX.


So, TRIBEX has been out for about a month now. How have people found it compared to Alpha Male? Which do you prefer? Have you been able to judge yet? Price is not really as much of an issue as I would have thought. Alpha Male at the highest dose lasts signficantly longer than TRIBEX at the highest dose.


I'm not trying to get anyone killed or anything, but I've used Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX together, both at max doses, and not had one iota of a problem.


I have as well with no problems. But if anyone would try this they should first start with lower doses and see how it impacts you. If you ingest caffeine with Carbolin 19 with no problems it's very likely you'll have no problems with Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX.


It's not a matter of not having a problem, it's how effective each one is while stacking.

Carbolin 19 traditionally is just not used when cutting. Not saying there isn't a benefit, but HOT-ROX is better in that respect and they do say not to mix them.


I dont understand??? Why even post it then. Its not recommended for a reason. Just like dosages and not going over those. The chance may be very damn slim but its there.

Then you get people, newbies etc coming on hear and their one track close minded veiw doesnt see that its not recommended. That one should NOT USE HOT-ROX and Carbolin 19 together. No all they see is that you did it at max doses and it worked great.

Same as person x using 4 times the recommended dose of ephedrine and he was ok and damn got shredded. Well the news spreads and you see where all that got us.

I just see no positive side. Nothing good coming from you stating that, OOOHH your HARD CORE, you broke the rules and went against the suppliers recommendation and your fine.

What were you hoping that that would add?? I have to ask.

Sorry I may just be pissing in the wind here but it gets old seeing posts like these, more so with all the pending laws etc. trying to limit our supplements.


Uh, no, dipshit, no one is claiming to be "hardcore" by taking a few over-the-counter pills. Chill the fuck out. The point has already been made very clearly in this thread that Biotest recommends against taking them concurrently. We've already been operating under that assumption in this thread. WITH that in mind, I was simply imforming him that, if he wanted to REEEEALLLY live on the edge (!) (not), it HAS been done, i.e. someone (me) has taken them together and . . . not died. :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact, even in a worst-case scenario, I would imagine that someone who responds really badly to using them concurrently would at worst get a bit jittery, nothing more, but that's not for me to say.

If he wants to try it starting at a reduced dosage and upping it as he sees fit, that's his prerogative.

And to the poster that mentioned that Carbolin 19 was never intended as a cutting agent, it has always been intended as a "body recomposition" agent, something that, by definition, could be very beneficial during a cutting phase, as it preserves lean muscle (which is hard to do when dieting down) and possibly reduces fat. I would even argue that it's more effective and relevant during a cutting phase than HOT-ROX is, but that's just my opinion.


Exactly what I was getting at its not recommended. Sure your alive, There are a ton more people than the few that dropped dead from ephedrine (again) but they sure jumped on it. How about andro, etc.. It doesn't take much. 1 out of thousands seems to be enough.

I still don't get the reasoning or thinking behind the post. How does it help telling everyone you did something that could be potentially dangerous/detrimental, how ever small the risk, to your health and lived?? Other than, hey try it ,chances are you might live to.

Plus posting it on the site that is run by the company who KNOWS who looks in on these places and could misconstrue that as the information form the company as it is on their site.

You imagine. Oh well that makes me all warm and fuzzy. LOL.

Not trying to piss you off just don?t see the reasoning or once again how that post does any of us any good.


Oops, My bad about suggesting the Carbolin 19 with it.

I didn't read that it's not recommended and just figured that Carbolin 19 is good at preserving muscle while dieting it would be good with HOT-ROX.

If Biotest doesn't recommend it, there's probably a good reason they don't.


Phill, this is T-Nation. As a matter of fact, their very slogan is "Dangerously Hardcore!" (Which combining Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX is not remotely, by the way). Anthony Roberts just wrote a long piece on his weeklong experiment with super-dangerous doses of DN-freaking-P!! I'm not suggesting that anyone do anything NEARLY that dangerous, and combining Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX isn't even in the same realm as that, but my point is that this is not a website geared toward the risk-averse. It's a kind of a libertarian mindset, ya' see.

That said, I think it's quite safe to say once again that the main risk of combining those 2 supplements is a bit of mild unpleasantness, not death, as was the risk Anthony Roberts took. Kind of akin to the level of risk of taking 3 or 4 aspirin at a time instead of 2. If any of the higher-ups from Biotest or T-Nation would like to chime in that would certainly be welcomed, but any directions they have given are (completely understandably) geared toward erring on the side of caution.

We're not talking about Russian Roulette here.


There is no basis for yur statement. Carbolin 19 has some signficant metablic benefits and could be excellent along with HOT-ROX while cutting if tolerated. Do you even know the physiological reason why Cy counsels against it? I do. Or are you simply regugitating someting as a blanket pronouncement when you do not understand the reason behind it?


Yes dangerously hardcore but not ignorantly. You seem to be non ignorant on the possible complications of combining the two, so what are they if they are "not remotely" dangerous.

I think your def. of hardcore may be a LITTLE different than mine as well. It means doing things to their fullest. Using what you know, what needs to be done and doing that to the best of your ability and further. Not holding back and not letting things get in your way, and impeded your progress to your goal, within reason. Not combining supplements that have been stated as not being a wise combo. Thats just stupidity when you can use each seperate and they will give fine results sans any possible complication.

True but the tone of thast was in total opposite the tone of yours. That article from the start was dont be a dumb ass and take this. where as yours was. I lived worked for me go for it.

Well actually more people die from simple things like the asprin you stated or tylonol than ever have or will from ephedrine, or steroids or hell even DNP. So bad analogy.

Not for you thats been proven but possibly for someone, even just one??


This is not the case, although it's a nice guess on your part.

This is exactly the reason you shouldn't go around recommending these products be used concurrently. You don't understand the interaction between them.


Cy Wilson's response in the Carbolin 19 thread ("The Ultimate Anabolic Bridge") when asked if HOT-ROX and Carbolin 19 could be used concurrently:

"One may want to use caution when using HOT-ROX concurrently. Some may have no problems, so the usual, take one capsule, assess tolerance after 3-5 days and so forth, applies.

Other than that, use the same caution if taking any medications intended for hypertension.

The issue with both is simply the potential for producing a transient hypotensive effect in some individuals, due to the vasodilatory effects."

AGAIN, for those who missed it the first time, I stress: A "transient hypotensive effect." And "Some may have no problems, so the usual, take one capsule, assess tolerance after 3-5 days and so forth, applies."

Hm. Fancy that.


I really don't see why you would want to take Carbolin 19 while cutting, I know it made me hungry as hell.

As far as preserving mass, that is the purpose of HOT-ROX during cutting. It is my understanding that HOT-ROX is not supposed to be an appetite suppressant.