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TRIBEX Gold for PCT?


Anyone have any thoughts as to using TRIBEX Gold to reinstate natural test production after a short cycle? I figure if it's meant to stimulate natural test production, post cycle would be a great time to use it. Thoughts?


Not by itself. I think you'd want to use nolva, clomid, whatever, after a cycle of any duration as well.


as an addition to the above suggetion sure.

Short Cycle of???


Short cycle of Prop 100mg ED for 30 days.

Last time 'my buddy' did that he only used Tribestan for PCT. This time may be TRIBEX and maca. The theory is that there is way less shut down on the short cycle and adding drugs to the endocrine system after a cycle only continues to fuck things up. I believe P-22 has some similar thoughts. There tends to be no testicular atrophy... but I digress into a debate about short cycles. I was just wondering if the mechanism by which TRIBEX encourages test production would be ideal post cycle?


Boy if choosing to go that route without a true PCT then Id probably opt for Alpha Male to attack the T (Re)production on multiple levels primary and secondary.

Best of luck.
Oh and be sure to eat coming off. That will be NO damn time to short the k/cals. Even an increase above that when you were on may be warranted to try and bump the natural T production up. Plenty of healthy fats.



Thats exactly the kind of answer I was looking for. Thanks.