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Tribex for Teenagers

Are there any reasons that teenagers should not use Tribex?

The better question is “Are there any reasons that teenagers SHOULD use Tribex?”

I think what DocT was really trying to say is that teenagers already produce a much larger amount of testosterone/LH than adults, and so don’t need a supplement like Tribex.

I am 18 and use tribex all the time and can REALLY feel it. whenever i start a new cycle of tribex i always wake up in the middle of the night with what I call ‘perpetual hardons’ and whatever you do you cannot get rid of them. Studies also show that teens have moderate T levels and they don’t peak till 20’s so tribex is a good bet for you if you don’t want to take steroids. Laterz and happy pill popping!

I took Tribex when I was 16. It showed amazing results. I was perpetually agressive and had this wild muscle density while on it. It pretty much did exactly what the label said it would do.

What you just said is completely false. A myth that has circulated for far too long. I would not recommend Tribex to teenagers mostly because the lack of training years, not because their testosterone is higher than adults, which it’s not. Unless of course those adults happen to be women or old men.

Is tribex necessary for a 20 year old, inbetween mag 10 cycles? I know M and methoxy are a must, correct?

What Doc T is “being” is called “funny” LOL