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tribex for teenager

Will tribex still be effective for a teen. Im 18 6’1"220 at 9% bf. I wanted to use it so I could reap the benefits of higher testorone levels on my strength and size.

Hi, PUREPLAYA616. I’m glad you asked. Tribex is a great product, but it would be a waste of your money. You could take it and it probably wouldn’t hurt you, but you wouldn’t see any benefit for the money you spent. At 18 your T levels are the highest they’ll ever be.

What’s important right now is to eat big (and CLEAN!), get enough protein, eat frequently enough (6 or more times per day) and have fun working out hard.

Take a look at John Berardi’s Massive Eating on T-Mag. And from there, take a look at some of the workout programs here on T-Mag. If you read and study and ask questions along the way, you can’t help but make the progress you’re dreaming of.

Good luck to you! And if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Yeah, it would work, but I don’t know if you need it. I’ve taken it before, when I was running and I was about as low a BF% as I could handle, and when I took Tribex, I walked around with a boner for 3 straight days. It helped in the weight room, but as you said you are 18 and 220 at 9% BF, Bro, I don’t know if you need the extra testosterone for lifting, but i’ll tell ya, my wife LOVES it whenever I get back on the stuff, especially when I take it after Mag-10. Good luck.

If you’re concerned about your T-levels, I’d have them checked out by your doctor first. If they are low, then you may want to consider using Tribex. Otherwise, it may not be as useful to you if you already have higher than normal levels.

thanks for the reply. But I was wondering what can I take for an anabolic boost but not a prohormone. I take a multivitamin, have a 5lb protein jug, and take MRP’s when i cant eat.

PurePlay, you’re really doing some good things already and showing nice results for it. Based on what you’re doing currently, I’d vote for creatine and Surge. Creatine will help you increase your strength (and add muscle). It will help create that anabolic environment you mentioned. And then Surge, which is a post-recovery drink, will help with recovery. It squelches catabolism and increases protein synthesis. The two would be highly complementary to each other and to your stated goals.

Tampa terry, Just cause your t-levels are highest when ur 18 doesn’t mean that they are high in the first place. I got mine tested when I was 18 and it was just barely over 200 ng/dl. So just cause they are at their highest doesnt mean that they are high when compared to the norm. Id agree with Nate dogg get them checked first and post back, if they are in the low 2’s and up to 3 I think It could be a good idea because you have pretty low test like I did, which makes gaining hard. Bottom line get yourself tested first.



You’ve got a point, Pugs. I guess my logic was that at 18 years of age, 220 pounds, he probably didn’t have any trouble in the bulking department.

BTW tampa Im sorry if that came off as snappy it wasn’t meant to be in the least bit. id never get mad at you your too nice ;0)


Oh, my gosh, Pugs. Just treat me like one of the guys, wouldja, and kick my butt if it needs kicking. No kid gloves needed here.

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