Tribex for short-term libido enhancement?

I’ve heard everyone talking about how Tribex is such an excellent libido enhancer, which leads me to my question. Could taking one (small?) dose of Tribex, say 2-4 capsules, an hour or so before the action, have a positive effect, along the same lines as Viagra (albeit for different physiological reasons)? I haven’t heard any discussion of its use on a “one-shot-before-sex” basis like this. Thanks in advance.

Personally, I haven’t seen it. On the other hand, if I take at last 4 Tribex’s right before bed (with my ZMA) I’ll have a rash of T maintaing hard-ons throughout the night!

I doubt it… It takes me about 1 week of taking it to get the sky high libido. Same thing with the Androsol, i dont feel the effects until the second week. It Definetly raises my sex drive though.

Thanks guys. Anyone else? Bill, Brock, Tim, Chris, Cy, TC, etc.?

I’ve tried the approach of using Tribex starting a few hours before anything planned
to be a really prolonged session, and I didn’t think the Tribex did anything in that application. Some people say it does when
used consistently for some length of time, though.

It worked for me. I drove my fiance crazy when i was on tribex. much better than paradecca.