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Tribex For Keeping Gains

Just wanted to drop a note and let folks know how much of a great product Tribex really is.  It's been well over a month and a half since my last 2-week cycle (ridiculous and rather permanent gains for the price, if you ask me) of Mag-10 and I have held steady at 212 lbs and 14%BF.  I have actually dropped 1%BF over the last month but have not lost weight.  I am able to lift almost as heavily as during the Mag-10 cycle and I feel great, not overtrained. <P>

I have been using Tribex 5 days on/2 days off in varying dosages (to save some money). I will use 4caps/day one week, 3caps/day the next, 2caps/day the following and repeat. This works great and really gives you a bang for the money.
I have also been using Vitex at 400mg/day, Calcium D Glucarate at 500mg/day and Udo's Choice Oil Blend (great stuff!) and I use these everyday.
Along with eating properly, this supplement regimen seems to help me keep my gains, make some new, albeit less dramatic, gains and it keeps me feeling good.

I hope other readers will find this useful info. You gotta do what you can to keep the gains until the next Mag-10 cycle. Personally, I am going to wait until I'm out of the teens, BF-wise. I've been stuck for a couple of weeks at 14% so when I get down to 12% I'm going to do one 2-week cycle; with results like these I won't be needing more.
Thanks again Biotest. I really appreciate all the help and guidance you provide on your website and the great products you put out.
Train hard; you'll get there.


I'm in total agreement with you on how great Tribex really is. I've just finished a 3 week long (NEW)tribex cycle 4caps/2x and in my first week I thought the product was no different than the old stuff. Well I started sleeping less and less and feeling better and better every morning - and by the end of the 3rd week and into this week I seem to almost have insomnia and I cant seem to get sore. I truly believe this is an amazing supplement, it's just that I cant sleep anymore!

 I agree with Big Chief on this point.  Tribex really does make it difficult to get sore after a workout and at the higher doses I, too, experienced some difficulty with sleeping.  The excitatory effect does seem to subside at the lower doses while you still retain the muscle-building, boner-sustaining and feel-good effects.<P>

 Also, I read recently an article by Tim Patterson in which states that the New Tribex is so much stronger than the old one that he feels 2caps/day will elicit respectable effects.  Having tried this for myself, I can't agree more.  Additionally, using the tapering scheme dosing I mention above is a good way to see which dosing protocol gives you the effects you are looking for.
 And while the gains from Tribex are smaller than Mag-10, in the long run you can stay on it longer.  So, at the end of, say, a 4-6-month period you can look forward to substantial quality gains at a low cost with no recovery problems.  Will I continue to take Tribex on a regular schedule?  Can you say Vitamin-T?