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Tribex, confused

just got my first 2 bottles of Tribex after being told about by a friend, who also told me about your site. I have been a loyal EAS product user & MM reader for 3 years, but don’t like the direction their headed. On your web you suggest 3 pills twice a day with protein. On the bottle it says serving size 4 pills twice a day without food. Which is correct??? I like your site, very helpful info, I beleive you may have a new customer. What is a good product to stack with Tribex? I’m 37, 195, 10.5% bf, looking to add muscle. I can stay lean by cardio. Now I use creatine 10gr day, protein-200gr+ per day, Tribex, & NO2. I’m thinking of dropping the NO2 and adding Mag 10, what do you think ?

First of all, read the latest issue, particularly “The Naked Truth” article which explains why the NO products are a bunch of BS, there have been endless threads over the past weeks about these products and no one including myself has had good experiences.

Tribex increases endogenous testosterone through LH. Max dose is 4 caps twice daily but some get good results with 2 caps twice daily, just experiement.

If you want to do a Mag10 cycle you can definitely add some mass. Use the Tribex post cycle.

Do some research, you can find lots of threads and articles on the best way to use these supps and the type of results to expect.

10 grams of creatine is too much.( you arent using that eas phosagen xt thing are you? its a good choice but way too much creatine in it). Read the naked truth article on creatine as well.

A good stack with tribex would be M. Your protein consumption seems pretty high, but what about carbs and fats?

To better answer your question on how much tribex you need, we need more info on your training and goals. However 3 tabs first thing in the morning 20 minutes before your first meal is ideal.

Hey, there, pushrod. Welcome to the forum!!!

Here’s the article on creatine http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/295naked2.html

Before you do your Mag-10 cycle, do a search on T-Mag (not T-Forums) for “Mag-10 Plan for Success.” It will give you recommendations on diet and workout. You definitely need to be taking in 2g of protein and 2g of carbs x LBM, though the article I recommended recommends 3g of carbs. Pick the numbers I recommended above if you want to put on a little muscle and drop a little fat. Use the article’s recommendations if you want to put on the most muscle you possibly can and aren’t too worried about putting on a little fat with it.

That’s why I like this forum, lots of helpful info. I read the art.on creatine. Thanks tampa-terry. I will research Mag-10 & M for more info. What kind of results can you experience from Mag-10 if you follow the diet program ?

When done right I’ve consistently gained 6-12 lbs. per cycle.

One thing that I’ve learned is that the end of the cycle is really really important. Keep your protein intake just as high if not higher than during the cycle and keep training hard and eating in order to help you solidify your gains. Tribex and M will help too.

It’s frustrating to gain 12 lbs. of mass in two weeks, then get food poisoning right at the end of it and not eat or train for 5 days and lose a good deal of it as I have in the past.

6-12bs in 2 weeks ? Thats great!!! What about strengh, how much strengh did you increase ?

This is some of the best advice you could have received pertaining to a mag 10 cycle. Many ppl overlook how important it is to solidify the gains you get. Even if you gained quite a bit of fat take atleast a few weeks to let the gains set in. You can cut later, no need to waste your time and money on dieting off your gains.

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