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Tribex by iteslf

My goal is basically lean mass, not too much fat. I come from a naturally chubby family. I tried androsol before I went to basic training and liked it, but now it seems to be gone. I tried 1ad and poppers and was not too impressed. Is Tribes good by itself for lean muscle gains? I do karate and kickboxing so I want to keep my weight low, in addition to having to pass a run in the army but want to be strong too… I also am too poor for something like Winstrol.

I’ll try to keep myself from transforming into a natural elitist here, but I don’t feel steroids of any form are necessary to build muscle.

Nor will supplements improve inconsistent training and a diet of cheese doodles and beer.

T-Mag’s back issues are literally overflowing with information for exactly what you desire. Start reading.