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TRIBEX Blue vs. Alpha Male


I just picked up some TRIBEX Blue and was wondering how it compares to Alpha Male. I went through a bottle of Alpha Male in the past and liked the way I still felt energized at 9pm at night. I notice after not taking it I was falling asleep at 9 on the couch instead, and didn't feel like doing cardio on off days from lifting.

I think the only difference between the two is that Alpha Male has some Carbolin 19 in it. I enjoyed the Alpha Male and always felt good through my workouts. I hoping to obtain the same effect after 1-2 weeks of taking TRIBEX Blue. Should I expect similiar results from TRIBEX?

I have also heard the Carbolin 19 on its own seems to give a full effect vs. it being combined in Alpha Male, so after I get through this bottle of TRIBEX I'm going to give Carbolin 19 a try on its own. I am slowly trying Biotest supplements 1 bottle at a time and am enjoying the quality of the products.


I beleive there are also some sexually specific additives or whatever in Alpha Male, and as far as Carbolin 19 goes I was very impressed by it.


I've taken both Alpha Male and TRIBEX, and did notice quite a bit more "feel" effect from the Alpha Male.


Alpha Male has additional ingredients in it:

Super-Concentrated Extracts (Tribulus terrestris, Vitex agnus castus, Eurycoma longifolia), Carbolin 19 (forskolin 1,9-carbonate)

The tribulus causes the pituitary to release more LH, which then prompts the testicles into making more Testosterone. Eurycoma works directly on the testicldes, causing them to make more T. Carbolin 19 also increases T.

In effect, with Alpha Male, you get a multi-pronged (no pun) effect.


Thanks TC, but after comparing the labels the only difference I see between the TRIBEX Blue and Alpha Male is the Carbolin 19. There seems to be more of a concentration of the extracts in Alpha Male, but it appears to be the same stuff except for the Carbolin 19, which also increases T so I see a difference.

I am noticing a constant humm with the TRIBEX Blue similar to the Alpha Male, but yet slightly different. I'm liking it either way, just wasn't expecting to feel the TRIBEX until after the first week, but after supplementing with Alpha Male maybe I know what to look for. We'll see if I notice on the 2 days off, or if I notice a spike with week 2. Thanks


Another thing I am noticing with the TRIBEX Blue is during the 5 days a week where I take it, there are times throughout the day, where I get a tingling sensation in my ball sack. I think TRIBEX makes your body secrete more LH which leads to more testosterone production in the testes so is this what is going on?

I am very in tuned with my body and can usually notice the difference when I take any supplements or substances, even in a small amount. I am only taking 1 pill twice daily, and I know some poeple will say this is in my mind and the placebo effect, but my member has been quite a bit mroe sensitive. My nasty thought track isn't quite what it was with Alpha Male yet, but am liking the results of the TRIBEX Blue as I continue my second week.