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Tribex/Androsol Stack

I need to hear some feedback. I reached my diet goals and have completely impressed with MD6. I searched through the archives and I received alot of different opinions on the Tribex/Androsol stack. I would like to hear from Mr. Roberts and the rest of you out there your experiences and opinions. Just to give you a bio I am 6’2", 215 lbs, 15% bodyfat (Tanita) and 24 yrs old. I plan on taking advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free offer so I will have three bottles of each. Thank you in advance for your advice and let me know if you have questions.

OK the whopper 2 cents. Dont go with the buy 2 get one free with androsol. Spend the extra cash and get a bottle of andro and one of nandro and try both of them for a bottle. I know for some people andro had worked great…for me it did nothing. Nandro on the other hand…is AWESOME for me…I put on 10-12 pounds in one cycle. Tribex is a good supplement…don’t expect to feel a lot with it…it is subtile…you can go for the buy 2 get one free with that…but I would try both andro and nandro before buying 3 bottles of it…just me!

I just finished My first Androsol cycle. I’m late 30’s, 172lbs and 18%bf. Thats down from alittle over 200lbs and 30+%bf in the last 2yrs. I did 40 sprays2xd. My plan was to go for 3wks but only went 2(I’ll get to reason in a minute). Wk1 went well. The main thing I noticed was greatly improved recovery. I have always had poor recovery but I did workouts that should of had me poping Ibuprofen like candy and it didn’t bother me. I also was in a really good mood with a little more sexdrive than usual. My wife and kids even commented on how even tempered I had been latly. I belive this was a real effect because after a couple days off I went back to my usual cranky self. Near the end of this week I also noticed I was getting an excellent “pump” during my workouts. Wk2 I added tribex 4caps 2xd. Each night I had a progressively harder time sleeping. By that Thus I woke up at midnight amd my muscles feeling like electricity was flowing through them. I just paced the hosue till 3AM. Don’t know what that was about but I stoped everything and by the next evening I was much improved. After being off for 24hrs I went back on Androsol for 3 more days with little problem but decided to stop at 2wks because I didn’t want to use the tribex again. End result? 5 more lbs and no increase in bf%. I’m intrigued enough to try a biotest product again, but next time I’ll try Norandrosol and increase my workout frequency.