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Tribex and Weed

I was wondering if anyone smoked weed while they were on tribex, I was wondering if it might effect the increased testosterone in any way similar to drinking would durring a tribex cycle. I would never drink do to the fear of gyno, but I find I need to mellow out a bit, or if i go out I would rather smoke than drink, if I drink I feel like a girl for the next few days,and have no desire to train, the added appitie wouldn’t hurt either.

There are alot of rumors saying that smoking weed will lower your testosterone levels. I don’t know if it’s true, but if you’re working out, smoking too much weed is not a good idea anyway.

Na, I’ve smoked weed on and off Androsol and Tribex and have noticed no difference. It’s all good man!

Smoke away dude. I seriously doubt you’d notice any difference on or off the gaunja. Unless your prone to it anyway, I would not worry about gyno, even from alchohol. You have to be a stinking drunk to come close to getting gyno from alchohol and still it would take a while, like years. You are not at risk of getting gyno from androsol either, you have to really jack your testosterone levels to get gyno, like 1000 mg of pure test. a week. Androstendione can cause gyno if used in excess but thats because it can convert directely to estrogen, especially in men. Androlsol cannot be converted directely so it should be no problem. If you are naturally prone to gyno, I would say your endocrine system has some imbalances and I would go see a doctor. Normal people should not be affected by alchohol,weed or androsol, unless you are excessive in the alchohol departmant. The reports that weed increases estrogen production are anecdotal at best. Even if they were true the increase is so slight you would not notice at all. The good news here is that nicotine can act as an anti-estrogen and since weed generally has some nicotine in it, it would counter any negative effects.

Not that I’ve got lots against weed, but the thing that makes yah high, THC, is a chemical called a xenoestrogen, and can emulate estrogen and bind the receptor site. That’s what it says in the article “The War on Estrogen” here at T-Mag.
Still, as has been pointed out before, ganja would never make ya miss a work out, where as alcohol can.