Tribex and Power Drive

A few questions…

  1. With regard to natural T fluctuation throughout the day, is there a best time of day to take Tribex? Before bed, upon rising, pre-workout?

  2. I just ordered my first can of Power Drive and plan on using it before work (unloading trailers at 4:48 am). Will it be absorbed as well if I don’t take it on an empty stomach? Like, with a huge Protein/Carb shake?

You probably don’t want to take it at night as high T levels may make it harder (no pun intended) to fall asleep.


  1. I like 4 in the AM with my M and 2 in the PM with my ZMA.

  2. Yes, PD still works when taken with food. However, you would be much better off drinking it on an empty belly. Buy some club soda and mix it the night before then chug it as soon as you wake. That might give it enough time to get movin’.

I love my PD! I think they should put an * by name on the dean’s list, saying, “This student abused Biotest’s Powerdrive.” :wink:

I agree I just got done using a bottle of Tribex and the last dose was usually taken at 4-5pm and it alone made it tough to fall asleep.

I think the hardest part about having high T levels is that you wake up with “morning wood” and when you need to Piss, it’s tough waiting on the “DUKE” to go limp. Ived always had high T levels but while on Tribex I would really wake up through out the night with a fully erect johnson. It sucked, with pain.

Da Boxer

There is a study that tribulus raises LH by an average of 72% and T 40%.

Say someone is in the 800 range, wouldn’t Tribex put you over the normal range?


There’s no good answer to your question. It’s just like any other supplement; everyone is going to react differently. Keep in mind that 40% increase is an average.

Given the mechanism in which Tribex works, I would think that the someone with higher T levels will not have as much of an increase (%) as someone with lower levels.

Why would you want to waste Power Drive on work? Why not save it for your workout after work- especially on days you need an extra boost. I have found that supplements like PD work best if not taken continually, but when needed. Of course, if you have money to burn, then go ahead…