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Tribex and M really necessary

I am a poor college student and got really excited about MAG-10 and immediately ordered some. Problem is that I really can’t afford anything else, hence poor college student. So would it be detrimental to my gains if I went on a cycle for two weeks and went off for four and didn’t take anything?

Since one of the purposes of the short 2 week cycles is to avoid suppression in the testes in the first place then you should be 100% ok. However, with the addition of tribex + M you would actually be able to maintain a higher than normal natural testosterone level throughout the entire process.

Two weeks on Mag-10 would not be long enough to shut down your bodies own T production. Tribex and M would just be an added bonus and is not really necessary so I wouldn’t worry about it in your situation. As long as you eat properly you should retain your gains.