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Tribex and M neccessary for MAG-10 cycle?

Is Tribex and M absolutely necessary for the Mag-10 cycle? I can barely afford to do 1 and a half servings a day of MAG, so I really need to know. If it’s absolutely necessary I’ll find some way to eek out some cash to buy em’. Thanks

Hey, Guitar.

If you look at Biotest’s website and scroll through the “Supplement Roundup” on this site, you have two choices:

  1. You can take nothing in between Mag-10 Cycles, but for safety’s sake it is recommended that you wait four weeks in between cycles; or

  2. Take Tribex and M in between Mag-10 cycles to boost your body’s own testosterone production and cut the time off of Mag-10 to two weeks.

I can tell you this: I've gone from 177 to 194 using Mag-10, and I still have 1 full week to go on my 2nd cycle of it!! I did use Tribex 500 and M during the off weeks, and only lost 1 pound of my hard-earned muscle in that time.

I know it’s expensive, but Mag-10 works so well (unlike EVERY other supplement out there that promises big results) that you won’t have to take it very long to reach your goals. That being said, I would definitely do the Tribex and M in between to max out your gains as quickly as possible.


Hey Man, If I was you, being American, I would buy either the tribex 500 or other tribulus product from Canada. The US dollar is so strong right now it’ll save you a lot of cash. Even buying tribex there will be cheaper.
www.renegadenutrition.com or fitmart.com or lifeandsport.com or heavyweights.net are 4 canadian suppliers online. Instead of biotest M I’d use the more cost effective Crysin.
Good luck. this is the only way I can think of to save a few bucks.

I have more to add on my first point. I just checked and Biotest is selling tribex 500 for US$39.95 and Canadian online www.renegadenutrition.com is selling it for CAD$38.99.
You do the math. Save money order from Canada. I do.

Do these Canadian places offer a buy 2 get 1 free deal? And how are the shipping prices?

well the renegade nutrition place charged me $5 for shipping. No buy 2 get one free deal. But if you want to spread the cost out over paychecks this is the way to go.
It’s still cheaper with the conversion.
For 3 bottles from Canada it would be 70.18US Total and to buy three from Biotest it would be 79.98US(includes the free one). That’s 10 bucks less over all. Plus biotest ships fedex which is expensive. So if you’re looking to save even a bit extra be a cheap-o like me. e’re not all millioaires.