Tribex and ECA stack

How would taking Tribex and an ECA stack work togather. I stocked up some ECA product before it went off the market. Thanks for your help

 O.K. Rodj I viewed this message early this morning and now it's almost evening here in Cali.  And nobody has responded, so I will.  
  First, Tribex for me (35 yrs.old)makes me feel like a fire breathing reptile, in a good way.  I love it and can't wait to try Alpha Male.
  I don't see a problem stacking it with EC.  Unless, you have high blood pressure.
  You do not need the A (aspirin)it'll, mess your stomach up. 
  If you got the stuff with willow bark it is the same as aspirin. 
  Personally,I hate to waste money so if you did get the stuff with (WB). I would maybe suggest really coating your stomach with that new carb countdown milk, before you take your ECA pills.
 If you are trying to trim off some fat go for it! 
 I hope that helped a little.
 Sorry, Rodj you were asking how Tribex and ECA would work together.  
 Tribex would raise your natural test. levels to high normal and you would be able to maintain some lean muscle mass.  That is if you are dieting.
  And the ECA would help you burn some excess adipose.

When ‘stacking’, don’t you want the two components to work synergistically? I think that perhaps taking Tribex and ECA on a cutting program might preserve some lean body mass.

However, I really can’t speak to that. I’ve been taking Tribex for nearly a year now. Finally got my Alpha Male and boooioooioooing. The best just gets better. Strength is up, among other things.

Personally, I’d save the ECA for the tail end of a cutting cycle, since it’s no longer available. Just take Tribex (4 caps AM, 4 caps PM) and eat.

 I think these two compounds could work together.
 In the first two to three weeks your body will lose alot of water and fat, if your diet is wired tight.
 I would start using the Tribex without anything for these primary weeks.
 Then I would start to take the ECA stack that you have when your body starts to adapt to the calories you're putting in.
 I think BrentM makes a good point in taking the Tribex first, then taking the ECA stack with the Tribex.
 We really don't know what your goals are!  So give us some more info!

Thanks Brent and Sancho, I have just finished Bulking with a Mag-10 cycle and would like to cut up. I am eating a pretty tight diet staying around 2400 calories.

 No prob Rodj:
 After you are finished with your Tribex and eca, really think about buying some Hot-Rox.   
 I got my sister,two brothers, and three cousins using this stuff bye it's lonesome and have had some great results.
  In about a month I am going to try, Red Bands and see how that works out for me.