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Tribex Advice

I am just getting off my cutting cycle and am now about 5’10 165 lbs at 5-7% bf. Now I am going to bulk up for about 6 weeks to give me enough time to get hard again for summer. I am going to take Phosphagen HP, Tribex 500, zma, 100% Whey, and truckloads of food. I am in the army and run early in the morning 3 days a week, and I was wondering if I should take my tribex before that or sometime at night before I go to sleep? I know they said it should be taken on an empty stomach, but this will also be hard since I plan on never having an empty stomach for the six weeks. Is this going to effect how well tribex will work? And is there anything i should do to help gain some more muscle? Any comments are great. Thanks

Bill Roberts has said before to just take it with your food and it should work just as good.

Ditto on the Tribex. Also, concentrate on getting as much sleep and general rest as possible. Multivitamin, Vitamin C, fish oil- these can all help with your general health and contribute to recovery and growth. Eat well and don’t forget your fats- beef, eggs, avocados etc. Good luck and train hard and smart and you’ll do fine.