Hi I am 6 feet tall and weigh 12 stones, i dont have n athelete body at all, allthough i go and play squash twice a week , Should i use Tribex 500, as it sounds really promising and if yes, would i be able to get it anywhere in Uk London ??? Any response would help a lot . thanks !

Well, you’ll get horny, probably feel better if you have low to moderate natural T, but you won’t gain muscle unless you start lifting weights. What are your goals? As for where to get it, there’s another thread about that going. I think there’s a Biotest UK division or something.

The site is
But is cheaper.
Or if you want to buy a couple of bottles at a time you might prefer

All of them cost a lot more than in US, but having been stung a few times by Customs&Excise (weeks after delivery)I try to buy UK if I can. It sucks big time, but we often get shafted by our Gov, and never complain :o)

What size are the stones?

Goose- these stones happen to be 16 pounds

I have definitely gotten a rise out of it, Sam!

I was just kidding about the stones - didn’t actually expect an answer but then this pops up - lol.

If you don’t want to order online you can buy Tribex and other supplements at Workout World near Embankment tube station. You’ll need to hit the weights to see some real benefits from it though.

I am 5’11" and currently weigh 24 pebbles…
(1 pebble = 0.5 stone) ;o)

Sam, you may not have heard but actually Tribex has been banned in the UK (bloody morons in the MCA!!!) and no new stock is coming in. Having said that, the best workout shop in the UK is at Embankment Place, back of Embankment tube. They may have some stock left. BTW, for the info of the Americans a “stone” is 14lbs, not 16 as the other guy said.